Dr. Kelvin Mah’s Smile Transformations

Sherry’s Smile Transformation

Sherry was a regular Smile City Square Dental patient, seeing Dr. Mah for general oral care. Through their appointments and time spent together, Dr. Mah uncovered some of... (more)

Alex’s Smile Transformation

Alex came to Smile City Square to create a smile that would perfectly match the confidence and candor that he so prominently expressed through his work. With the... (more)

Candy’s Smile Transformation

Candy, a new mother who had recently re-entered the workplace, came to Smile City Square to create a smile that would boost her self-confidence and take her career... (more)

Mike’s Smile Transformation

Mike, a busy executive, disliked his current metal fillings, which no longer matched his personality, and where he was going with his career and life. Dr. Mah and... (more)

Kirk’s Smile Transformation

Kirk was (and still is, of course!) a handsome, successful, athletic man who by all accounts seemed to have an abundance of self-confidence about his appearance. As it... (more)

John’s Smile Transformation

John, after chipping his tooth as a child in a dodgeball game, suffered from a loss of confidence for years before coming to Smile City Square. Ten years... (more)

Jocelyn’s Smile Transformation

As a Miss Universe® Canada contestant, Jocelyn Lernout is beautiful – in fact, she radiates. However, despite the fact that many people would assume that, in the smile... (more)

Nick’s Smile Transformation

Nick, a professional BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer, knows that his clients look up to him as a role model who has achieved an enviable level of health, fitness,... (more)

Leona’s Smile Transformation

Leona visited Smile City Square Dental to fix what (according to her) was “a mouth full of unsightly metal.” That metal was really a number of mercury fillings... (more)